Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Paul Phillips and I am an author in my thirties who currently lives and writes in my home town of Leeds, England. A few years ago I married a lady whom I consider a saint for tolerating my sudden bursts of inspiration and helping me do what needs to be done to take a book from a rough idea to published piece of work!


When I am not writing I can often be found supporting one of my local sports teams or visiting a zoo around this wonderful planet. Outside of wildlife and sport I have a keen interest in the justice system including but not limited to miscarriages of justice and unsolved crimes. One day, maybe one day soon, I will turn this obsession into something worth reading! 


To aid this obsession I am a lover of the podcast and would highly recommend ‘They Walk Among Us’, Undisclosed’, ’Serial’ ‘Breakdown’, ‘Casefile’ and ‘The Court Files’. All are excellent listens, very well researched and incredibly entertaining. 


I started writing during my early twenties but I didn’t begin attempting to turn my doodling into readable stories until I was challenged by good lady wife to stop daydreaming and plotting and actually write a book. ‘Obsession You Will Always Be Mine’ my debut novel published by Austin McCauley was the result of me stepping up and accepting that challenge.


Obsession You Will Always Be Mine was published in March 2018 and was followed by three self-published short stories, details of which can be found on the ‘my books’ page. 

I am currently sitting in my flat working on our publication strategy for my second novel ‘The Devil in Disguise’ which we will be publishing via Amazon on 31st October 2019. I am hopeful that this second book will be followed up with many more short stories and full-length novels. To help promote these and to document the process my blogs (written and video-based) will continue and can be found on our YouTube 


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have found something that you enjoyed on our website.