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A Website Exclusive Chat With Our Author!

Early this week we sat down with Paul to discuss the build up to publication day, the creation of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine and the origins of the books name.


So Paul publication day is finally here, tell us how you are feeling?


Pretty good to be honest. I think I am just happy that after all the build up the book is finally out there for people to read and hopefully enjoy.


Now that it is out, what are your hopes and expectations for Obsession You Wil Always Be Mine?


Ah, that is an easy one. I have already achieved much more than I thought possible by getting it published so I am marking this down as a win. As far as sales go it is a hard one to comment on. I am a new author with no track record so I guess the aim has to do well enough for the next one to be published and released as a physical book.


Somehow I knew that would be your answer. So, with that said (again) if you had to pick just one thing that makes your book stand out from the crowd what would it be?


Another easy one. Kelly Conner is the star of the book in my eyes. I did a blog about Kelly and my experiences of creating and writing for her (link - https://www.paulphillipsauthor.co.uk/blog/kelly-conner-blog) and even after that I still have no real clue where she came from. In the blog, I described her as ‘an enigma, wrapped up in a riddle with a touch of crazy, a dash of shy and a dollop of innocence thrown in’ and I have not bettered that yet. Kelly is the centre piece of the book. She doesn’t appear on every page, nor should she, but she is the heartbeat of the story. Some people will share my secret love for her, most will dislike her immensely (in my defence I wrote her and if you read the blog you know why I love her) but hopefully, nobody will be able to forget her.


For the record, I do not understand your love of her but each to their own I guess. On to the next question, what is the main theme of the book? I know the synopsis is available on the website (https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/d4a169_8428d53afa6747a183cc3fd94c3485a9.pdf) but from the author's mouth what is the story of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine?


Well obviously Obsession, but not just in the way you think. There are people roaming throughout the pages who are all obsessed with one thing or another. Some are obsessed with love (in a variety of forms), some money and some fame but all are determined to get what they want. It is a book full of bad decisions made with good intentions, bad decisions made with bad intentions and Obsessions that burn so bright that they hurt.


So is that why the book is called Obsession You Will Always Be Mine?


Yes and no. You will always be mine/I will always be yours is the sign off two of the main characters use when communicating with each other so originally the book was just called ‘You Will Always Be Mine’ the Obsession part was added near the end of draft one and it just sort of stuck.


Final Question seeing as how all of us in the office have enjoyed the book and the various short stories you have written to help build up a following what does the future hold for you and your writing?


We have lots of stuff up our sleeve a number of exciting announcements that we will be making in the coming months. If you follow the various social media platforms we have you will all be kept informed of what we are going to do next, but for now, all my energy and attention is on Obsession You Will Always Be Mine and doing whatever is needed to help it be a success.

Obsession You Will Always Be Mine the debut Novel by Paul Phillips is available to buy now on any of the following links!

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