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Blog 04 - Where Have I Been? What Have I Been Doing and When Can You Read What I've Done?

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Blog 04 – Where have I been, what have I been doing and when can you read what I have done?

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So it has been a while, hasn’t it? The original idea for this blog was an entry every two weeks and I am pretty sure I have missed a lot of those deadlines. To be honest I can’t even remember the last time I did one of these. Now in my defence, the original concept was to tell the story of selling a book (Obsession You Will Always Be Mine), editing a book (The Devil in Disguise) and writing a third as yet unnamed book, there was never any mention of adding a couple of short stories into the mix. Something had to give and for a little while, it was the poor blog which got the elbow. We are now working on rectifying this, I can no longer guarantee a fortnightly edition but that is still the deadline I will aim for. If other things get in the way and we miss a week I promise we will make up for it next time but be warned it could and probably will happen!

Just in case it wasn’t clear above the reason for a long time between entries is the creation and editing of my first ever short story ‘Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours’ which was published just over a week or so ago. The story of the creation of Jim Prichard can be found in our special Jim Prichard Blog (https://www.paulphillipsauthor.co.uk/blog/jim-prichard-the-final-24-hours-is-coming-18th-july-2018) and I am delighted with the early feedback. Originally the intention was to offer the book as just an eBook but due to the feedback we received, I am over the moon to now be offering it as a paperback as well. I was originally going to include all of this in the ‘Promoting a Book’ section as Jim Prichard and any and all other short stories exist to drum up interest and support for my full length novel Obsession You Will Always Be Mine. I am hoping that if I offer people a good product and a good read it might turn eyes towards my debut novel. They also offer me the chance to dip my toes in the self-publishing world and see how that works for me. We have learned a lot this past week and the experience has so far turned out to be very rewarding. Hopefully, people will continue to enjoy the story of Jim and his family while keeping an eye out for what comes next…

Book One – Obsession You Will Always Be Mine – The Selling a Book Section

Ah, back to usual format and kicking things off with the selling a book section. Lots and lots of things have happened since we last spoke. We have exchanged e-mails with a number of book stores who have expressed an interest in doing some really cool things with us later in the summer while the good people of Austin Macauley have continued to work on things behind the scenes to keep the book sales ticking along. I am constantly reminded that it is not a quick process to build a brand or attract a following but we are sticking at it and using any and all set backs as motivation to win the next little battle.

Some of these little battles have started to pay off already. We are now delighted to announce that Amazon has allowed us to create an Author page (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Paul-Phillips/e/B00GRQB22Q/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1) which will allow people to see all of my products in one place. If I ever work out how we may even be able to link this blog to there but for now that is slightly out of my capabilities. We have also added a ‘Shop’ button to the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PaulPhillipsAuthor/) no more pesky links for us, oh no, now you can buy any and all of my releases in just two (might be three, I haven’t counted) clicks of a button. To go with these changes there are advertisement campaigns running on various social media sites. Do an author a favour please and if you see one of these give it a like or give it a share. We will really appreciate it!

Book Two – The Devil In Disguise – The Editing Section

Well, this should now be called ‘going through the publication process again section’ but to do that would require me to change the name of the blog and I am not going to do that so editing section it is. I am absolutely delighted to announce that my second book ‘The Devil In Disguise’ has been accepted by Austin Macauley Publishers and after a few little issues are resolved we will be signing the contract for book two to be published. I was proud of my first book and the accomplishment of writing something at the standard to be published but it feels like so much more of an accomplishment to reach this stage again. To me, the second book contract is a vindication of my talent and evidence that whatever I have it is not a flash in the pan or good luck. Earning a contract this second time is a deeply personal thing for me and something I am already very proud of.

Now with the heavy stuff out of the way I am saddened to say that at the moment literally no details can be given about the plot, the release date or anything in-between. A strategy meeting will be held later in the year and at that point, I will have a better idea of when I start giving away little spoilers and making posters (oh God) again. The Devil In Disguise is coming and will be released by Austin Macauley but I can’t really say a lot more about it at the moment.

Book Three – Title To Be Decided – The Writing A Book Section

Ha! With everything else going on does anyone really think I have had any time to write anything? It can be difficult to get me to commit my ideas to paper when I am on my own with nothing to do and nothing to distract me so it has been a real challenge for Leanne to find ways to make me write these past few months. Luckily it Is a challenge she has met head on and as a result progress on both book three and the next short story have bubbled along nicely.

Whisper this quietly but I am in a really, really good place with book three. I have the largest set of notes I have created for a project yet and these combined with the very, very rough outline of a first draft mean I am in a decent place to shelve it for now and dedicate the next two weeks to working on an as yet unnamed project. It should give both me and the book a break from the other and hopefully, when we meet again inspiration will continue to flow. Or I will spend the first seven days back writing it swearing a lot and cursing this decision. I have done this long enough to know it really could be either.

So as you have just read we have more tasks on our to do list than we have hours to do them, but I am told this is what makes it fun. I shall end my return blog here and return to a secluded and quiet place down by the river to do some writing, but more on that next time.

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Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours Links

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Until next time, thanks for reading Paul!

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