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Blog 05 - This is a Bad Idea, A Very Bad Idea!

As I begin this blog I would like to take you back to a simpler and happier time in my life. It seems a long, long time ago but hopefully the whole thing will come full circle and in the end, you will all understand my reasons for taking such a long trip down memory lane. The date in question was last Wednesday. It was a cold day but not even the chill in the air could prepare me for the bombshell which was awaiting me. The morning of last Wednesday was uneventful, just a normal day at work but from the second I left the comfort of the office and answered the unknown number ringing my mobile a very dark cloud has hung over me.

‘We have a wonderful idea’ the cheerful voice on the other end of the line said ‘we think you should help celebrate the six month anniversary of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine by READING IT while taking notes.’ I resisted at first. In fact, I outright said no, but they were insistent. ‘It’s a great idea, you have to read it sometime and this way we can help promote the book at the same time. Besides, it is funny when you are uncomfortable and should lead to some good blogs’. I am not going to lie, funny when your uncomfortable was not the line I would have used to convince me to agree. I for one do not find it funny when I am uncomfortable, by the very definition of the word I find it uncomfortable but soon these wily foxes on the other end of the line played their ace card. ‘We have talked it through with Leanne and she loves the idea’ they declared with a similar tone in their voice that I do when I declare my latest edits finished. I knew then that I was toast. I was going to have to read it. I was going to have to pick up a copy of my first published book and read the words I have spent six months trying to convince people to pay to do.

It doesn’t seem like much of a request really but anyone who knows me knows that I will pretty much do anything to avoid reading my own stuff. I will edit it, but that it a very different thing to actually reading it. For one thing, when you edit a book you can change anything you like. Any line which you no longer like can be deleted and replaced with something better, any plot twist you no longer think works can be edited away. There is a freedom with editing that I know in advance will not be there when I sit down to read it as a published book. It is a scary proposition to no longer have control over my book and as I am amongst friends in these blogs I am more than happy to admit it scares the hell out of me.

Now to be clear I am not dreading reading Obsession You Will Always Be Mine because I don’t believe in the story on the pages. I am still incredibly proud of Kelly and Aaron and the twisted little world I created for them to exist in. Not only that I still believe in my characters. Kelly Conner is somebody I am incredibly proud to have created and somebody I loved writing for. No, my fear is not in the standard of the book but in the finality of seeing the words on a page and knowing there is nothing I can do to change it any more. It is something I have put off for as long as I can but now, as you read above the powers that be are basically forcing me to do it.

So what can we expect from these little updates when they come?

To be honest, at the moment we do not have an agreed structure. I doubt that one will form during the course of writing them. We will be releasing them as and when I think I have read enough or more likely made enough notes to fill a blog. I might go six chapters without an entry or I might drop one after two pages. It all depends on when I have enough material. We are not going to create a new blog section for these, in fact as they exist to promote Obsession You Will Always Be Mine they will simply form a part of the 2018 blog ‘Three Books, Two Laptops and One Blog’ and any other book related news will be included at the end of each one, but the main section of each entry will be my experiences of reading my own book. As my friendly publishers suggested I am going to carry a small notepad with me and make notes as I read and they will form the backbone of each entry. I am also going to be as honest as I can be. If I learn something I will mention it, if I think something needs changing I will mention it, fingers crossed I will find something I enjoy and I will certinly metion that! For obvious reasons, these blogs will contain no spoilers. If you want to know what I mean by ‘Kelly in her bedroom with an axe’ you are going to have to stump up the £4 and read it. This in itself will pose a bit of a challenge but I guess that is all a part of learning to review? This is all new to me so just like when I wrote Obsession I will be learning on the job.

All moaning aside, which is something I don’t like to say as I do love a good moan in these blogs a part of me is looking forward to dipping my toes back into the world of Kelly and Aaron and seeing just how much of it I remember. It has been seven or eight months since I last read any form of the book and due to the sheer volume of writing I have done since the whole thing, it does seem like It was a long time ago.

Will I love it? Will I hate it? Will I decide that this thing was a great idea or will I declare six pages in that this is the stupidest thing they have asked me to do yet?

All will be revealed in the coming weeks as I fulfil my new set of orders and read Obsession You Will Always Be Mine for your entertainment. I shall check back in shortly with my first update.

God help me!

In other news The River, my second self-published short story will be released on October 18th 2018. From tomorrow morning the page will undergo a refresh as we step up the promotion ahead of its release. We will be releasing the official promotional video at some point next week (the date keeps changing but I promise it will be next week) before the synopsis goes live a week on Thursday. It is a busy old time but then again I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In closing, I have to answer a question we get asked a lot at the moment. The River is not a follow up to Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours. It is very much a stand alone story and there is no connection between the two stories. Now as for the question of will there be a follow up to Jim’s story…. I have to stay tight lipped at the moment but lets just say ideas are forming and there might be something in the future which brings the story to a close.

As for book three… that is on hold until after Christmas. I now have a completed first draft but in order to give myself a few months away from the story, it is staying on hold for now. I want to give myself a few months to think about the plot and to focus on other ideas. I have a large number of short story ideas which sort of need writing before Christmas or they’ll be swept aside and never completed and I still have to promote book one and do bits and pieces towards helping move book two closer to hitting the shelves. A few months off should give me a fresh perspective and allow me to crack on early next year.

I shall see you next week with the first blog entry but before that don’t forget that you can get your hands on the two books we have released this year on the below links.

Obsession You Will Always Be Mine

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Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours

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