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Blog 06 - Reading, A Tiny Bit of Editing and Then Some More Reading!

Hello and welcome to the latest entry into my ‘Three Books, Two Laptops and One Blog series’. It comes just ten days before the release of my second short story of 2018 ‘The River’ so it is a busy time to be me.

As we all know a week or so ago I agreed to read through my debut novel Obsession You Will Always Be Mine and blog my findings. I think I may have mentioned last time that I was dreading it. I did not like the idea of reading my own words and no longer having the chance to edit and improve them. As a result I put off doing this for two days longer than was planned. Indeed I didn’t even pick the book up until last Monday and I have to say the first attempt did not go well. I think I got two pages in before I began asking Leanne if I could just sack it off. ‘I don’t need to read it’ I complained ‘I know a lot of what happens, I think I should give up’ I begged, but she is not a girl to let me give up easily.

I am glad that she isn’t because on Monday evening, sat at my desk with just my iPod and copy of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine for company I started to read and dare I say it enjoy the process. It was a real thrill to be back in that world and a whole load of memories came flooding back. During the first chapter with Kelly I found myself remembering her evolution from background character to central heartbeat of the book. I can remember the first time it dawned on me that Kelly is my favourite creation and that I can pretty much ask her to do anything.

Yet it wasn’t just a trip down memory lane. This reading of my first five chapters also gave me an insight into some things I was delighted with and one that I am still kicking myself for. The bad first. Never and I will repeat this NEVER use dates in a book that is not purposely set in the past or future. Obsession You Will Always Be Mine will always feel dated now due to its daft author setting it in 2017. I was warned about this. I was told that I didn’t want to do this and that it would date the book. Lesson learned. Going forward there will be no dates I promise.

Now as for the good I have to say I was delighted with the opening chapters and how Kelly slowly began to show herself to the world. I particularly enjoyed her meeting and evening with Aaron. Such a good couple don’t you think, built on strong ground those two. I wonder if it will last….

Aaron and Joey have less of an obvious introduction. I really enjoyed the fact that the first time we meet Aaron everything is going wrong and he is in crisis. It fits him like a glove, that his first words on the page are complaints and accusations that those around him have failed him. Yep, all things considered I did enjoy this opening and I think it sets the book up fairly well. I mean I wrote the thing and I am looking forward to discovering how we all wound up in this mess? It was also a satisfactory introduction to Joey Kaye. Joey was a character who gave me all sorts of problems during the writing of the book. I was always worried about turning him into a cartoon character rather than a real person. Job sort of done in this early showing of him. His appearance and thought process helped keep him real but I was slightly disappointed that his appearance in this chapter was so brief. In an earlier draft the pair had a much longer conversation and details of what Joey wants/expects from his client were laid out. Does it work to leave people guessing? I suppose I will find out tomorrow when I get to those chapters.

So that is it for my book review. I have to say I am delighted with how easy it has been so far and right now I am looking forward to going to Argentina with Aaron and finding out what the naughty boy has gotten up to.

More on that next time, and for once I can sort of give you a date for the next blog. It will come in either the first or second week of November. The powers that be have decided that all attention on the page will be turned towards The River for the next few weeks. So my job in that time will be to continue reading, to keep making the notes and to keep writing these blogs. Fingers crossed I will have the book finished by then and we will be able to upload the rest of these reviews in a fairly quick amount of time. Or if the worst comes to the worst and I give the whole thing up as a bad job they will have a few weeks to talk me back round.

This mention of The River reminds me to remind you all that it is out on October 18th 2018. I am very, very proud of this short story and hope that people enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It is a departure for me in terms of style and content and that in itself makes it a piece of work I am very proud of. The ‘tiny bit of editing’ in the title for this blog is a nod to the fact that as of last night the book is signed up and handed over to Amazon. We are good to go on our end, nothing left to do but promote the bugger and then cross our fingers that people enjoy it. As I mentioned during my last blog I am focusing all of my writing in the remainder of 2018 on short stories and it is a genre I am really enjoying playing with. My lips are very much closed as to regards what I am writing at the moment but I have a feeling that 2019 is going to wind up being a busier and more exciting year than 2018! Whoops, I just used a date in some writing didn’t I? Bugger. I shall call this off now and go back to reading Obsession You Will Always Be Mine.

Details of how you can get your hands on my currently released work can be found below.

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Barnes and Noble - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1128265283…

Booktopia (For Australian Fans) - - https://www.booktopia.com.au/obsessi…/prod9781787109780.html

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