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Blog 07 - The One With The eBook Conspiracy

Hello and welcome to the seventh entry of my ‘Three Books, Two Laptops One Blog’ series! We have a bumper edition today containing news on Amazon caused drama, the conclusion of my ‘Obsession You Will Always Be Mine’ reading experience and random thoughts and musings.

To begin with, I am happy to formally announce the opening of the Paul Phillips book review section on the website. It is something we intend to build up over the next few years so keep your eyes peeled as we will randomly be dropping a review or two before Christmas. The first entry in the series was a delightful Ian Rankin book ‘Standing In Another Man’s Grave’. It is a book which I have read three times since its release and a book which I have always loved reading. Be sure to click https://www.paulphillipsauthor.co.uk/blog/categories/book-reviews and give it a read. A second book review will be appearing later this week but we are still discussing which book it will be at this stage!

Now onto Amazon and the stress, they have caused me. A few of the more eagle eyed of you noticed last week that the Kindle edition of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine disappeared from Amazon’s web-page. This was rather confusing as just a week previous Amazon had placed a new order for more physical books so both team Phillips and our friends and bosses at Austin Macauley struggled to understand why we had been blacklisted. The confusion raged for two full days as phone calls and e-mails began to take on a more and more serious tone. Promotional material was put on hold. Tweets deleted and colourful posters taken down from Instagram. To say I was stressed would be an understatement.

Luckily, on the third day, AM managed to track down a tech man at Amazon who confirmed to us that there was (and I will use the full technical term we received) ‘a minor issue with some eBooks. Nothing to worry about we are working on it’. We pressed them for more details, we didn’t get them but on the fifth day, the eBook returned like a lovely old friend. As at this moment, the whole issue is in the hands of my publishers who are promising to get to the bottom of things. When they let me know I promise to include their discoveries in a future blog.

Now onto book news.

I have finished my reading of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine and I am delighted to reveal that I not only enjoyed it but also learnt a hell of a lot as well. As I mentioned last time I am furious with myself for using a date in the story. I would love to turn back the clock and delete any and all years from the book as it does nothing but age the story. Lesson learned. I promise you I will not be doing that again. As well as this I have made around sixty notepad pages worth of notes and I will be using these to help me in any future writings. I am still very, very proud of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine and I kind of love the way it turned out. Yes there are things I would like to change, phrases I would re-write, plots I would quicken up and others I would explore more but after discussing this with a few other authors I am assured that this is just the way it will always be. It is the author curse to read your material back and want to edit it some more.

I am currently musing over if I can drop a review of my own book into the ‘book review section’ of the page. A part of me thinks it is a really cringy thing to do, but another part of me thinks to heck with it this is my website and I make the rules ha! We shall see.

In other Obsession You Will Always Be Mine news I was approached by a book reviewer recently who asked me if she could create a full review of my book. She provided me with the details of her website and allowed me to read a number of the reviews she has written for other authors. We jumped at the chance and I am excited to announce that this review will be live from tomorrow (Tuesday 20th November 2018). Once I have my hands on a copy I will be sharing it with you all!

Book two, ‘The Devil in Disguise’ is still going through the editing process. I believe it is currently with the proof reader at the moment so it shouldn’t be too long before things start to get moving. More news to come I guess.

Book three, as yet untitled, will not now be started until the 01st January 2019. After the writing and publication of six blogs, two short stories, one full length novel and the promotion of my debut novel as well as all of the before mentioned projects I decided to give myself a few well deserved months off. So aside from writing two short stories, publishing one of these stories, starting a review blog and writing a few ‘proper’ blog entries, I have done very little novel writing.

This changed a week or so ago when I sat down at my apple keyboard (what a wonderful and pretty little keyboard he is – and yes he is a he) and started writing a bio for the main character in book three. My plot is ready and my notes are growing almost daily. All I have to do now is write the thing which, after having rested up I am both excited and keen to begin. I have a holiday coming up and then the Christmas period but once Santa is safely back in the North Pole I fully intend to begin creating mayhem in my little fictional world!

I shall leave it there for now. This has turned out to be a rather news filled blog edition and I have a few e-mails to read from Austin Macauley.

Nice one!


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