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Blog 08 - The 2019 Q&A Blog!

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Welcome to the first blog of 2019!

Now as I am sure most of you will have a sore head today or at the very least be a little tired I we are going to avoid the long (and winding) blog style and instead use this entry as a chance to answer some of the questions I have been asked over the past few months.

It will also give me a chance to focus my attention where it should be on the first weekend of the month… writing the third (as yet untitled) book. So, introduction done lets crack on with the questions.


Will there be a second book?

Is the second book coming out?

Will there be a follow up to Obsession You Will Always Be Mine?

When is book two coming out?


I have merged these questions into one and seen as how these (and many other varieties) are the most popular question we get I am going to deal with it all in this answer.

YES! Yes, book two is still coming out. It will be published in 2019 by Austin Macauley Publishing house and is currently titled ‘Devil In Disguise’. The book is currently with the publishing team and work is ongoing. I am hoping to have more developments in the coming weeks and as soon as I do I shall pass them on to you all.


How come the blog stopped coming out each week?


That is an easy one, I stopped having things to say. The original plan was for us to document the process of writing, editing and promoting a book all at the same time. Sticking to these rules would allow me to not have to ramble as much and keep the whole thing focused. Now you may have noticed that we dropped two short stories in the second half of 2018 and a decision was made by me and my team to focus on these and have a few months rest.

Since 2016 I have been writing. For a year or longer I was writing Obsession, then while Obsession was going through the editing process I wrote a second book, two novellas and more short stories than I can remember. Up until October of this year that was pretty much constant writing, editing, plotting and promoting and I decided that I had more than earned my rest.

Now, however, with the editing, writing and promoting process about to start up again I am hoping that we will have plenty more blogs to document my struggles, moans and hopefully achievements.


Are you going to release a short story collection some day?


That is the current plan. I have a large back catalogue of stories tucked away and over the past year or so I have fallen in love with the short story process again. It is unlikely to be in 2019 but yes someday I would love to publish a short story collection.


Will we ever get a follow up to Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours?


Officially no, the story is done and I have moved on to other projects. Unofficially there is a nugget of an idea in my head but as I sit here typing this that is all I have. I am very, very proud of Jim Prichard and his story so the only way a sequel is released is if I can better the standard of the first story.


Will there be any more releases before the devil in disguise?


Again officially no. At the moment my focus is on book three and that will only be broken when the edits of the Devil in Disguise begin to creep in. However, and I do have to say this, there is flexibility with this. Should an idea pop up and should that idea turn out to be something I deem worthy of releasing… who knows.


Do Aaron or Kelly appear in The Devil in Disguise?


No. The Devil in Disguise is filled with new characters, a brand new story and shares only one little minor detail with Obsession You Will Always Be Mine however to find out what that is you will have to read them both.


When will details of the second book start to go on line?


Good question. At the moment everything is sort of up in the air. With the Christmas and New Year break things have slowed down a little but they should start to get moving again next week. There is nothing to worry or stress about at the moment, these things take time and from the experience, I gained with Obsession I know that once one box is ticked off two or three generally follow in quick succession. I would say that posters, front covers, synopsises and releases dates should all be coming within the next two months or so but no promises.

And finally….


Will the blog continue into 2019?


We have actually done research on this and I now accept that it is a proven fact that a blog released and promoted across all of our platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) does improve our visibility and the number of ‘unique hits’ on the website. So with that in mind and due to me starting to enjoy doing these, I am planning on carrying this blogging lark on.

So that is that then. The first blog of 2019 out of the way. I hope you have enjoyed it and that we have provided answers to some of the outstanding questions people seem to send us. 2019 should be an exciting year and I am off to go and start typing words that I hope will form the basis of book three!

Nice One


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