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Jim Prichard - The Final 24 Hours Blog Special!

Hello and welcome to the Jim Prichard blog special! This blog will be almost exclusively dedicated to announcing the imminent release of my first ever self-published short story.

The facts first, Jim Prichard – The Final 24 Hours will be released, exclusively to Amazon on July 18th 2018. It will be a Kindle only release and hopefully will be the first of many short stories I release this way. I have always found the short story genre challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. When you get it right, and I really believe I have with this little gem, the short story can allow you to duck into a characters life, cause mayhem and get out relatively quickly. It is a very different skill to novel writing, for one thing there is very little, if any, room for dawdling. As a result of this you can find yourself rushing the story or chopping away at a piece of work until it barely resembles your original concept. I am delighted to announce that is not the case this time.

The story of Jim Prichard and his family’s fight for justice began after I watched a documentary on Netflix. I can not for the life of me remember the name but it was based on the plight of a man on death row in Texas. The guy had gone on a racist killing spree after September eleventh and murdered three innocent people, injuring several others. It was not the story however which struck a cord with me as much as it was the circumstances and life these prisoners have. For the next few weeks (months if you ask my wife) I became obsessed with death row and the questions it poses.

Do these people deserve to die and even if they do, do we have the right as a civilised society to kill them? I have read several books on the subject and my opinion changes almost daily. It is the ultimate question that we have to ask when we talk about punishment and justice and it is a topic I could talk about all day, sadly I don’t think that will help me sell many short stories so I will move this along.

With this itch needing scratching I set about wondering how I could take all of this and make something entertaining. Luckily I had been working on a different short story at the time which I never managed to be completely satisfied with. On the plus side this failed story had at least given me the character Jim Prichard. Jim is a simple man. He has learning difficulties and struggles to really understand the life going on around him. Jim loves his mother, loves the simple joy of just existing. It was a sinister decision of mine to take Jim and drop him into the hell on earth that is death row. There is a line in the story which says ‘Jim Prichard belongs in death row like an angel belongs in the fire of hell’ yet a jury of twelve people have convicted him and a judge has sent him there.

How did a man like Jim wind up on death row? Can anything be done to help him? And with the clock ticking can the people outside of the prison come up with a way to save his life? Find out on July 18th when Jim Prichard – The Final 24 Hours goes on sale!

The synopsis for the story and several other promotional material will be released in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep coming back to https://www.paulphillipsauthor.co.uk/ or checking the other social media outlets we have (links below) for news.

At the same time as all of this Obsession You Will Always Be Mine my debut novel is still on sale. Released by Austin Macauley the book can be purchased as either a paperback or eBook and is receiving rave reviews on amazon.

The synopsis and details of Obsession You Will Always Be Mine can be found on the home page of my website and the books is on sale at any of the following outlets.

Austin Macauley - https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/obsession-you-will-always-be-mine

Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Obsession-You-Will-Always-Mine-ebook/dp/B07BSPWF6J/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1529011111&sr=1-1

Waterstones - https://www.waterstones.com/book/obsession/paul-phillips/9781787109780

Telegraph Books - https://books.telegraph.co.uk/…/Obsession--You-Wil…/21861396

Browns Books - http://www.brownsbfs.co.uk/…/Obsession---you-…/9781787109780

Booktopia (Australia) - https://www.booktopia.com.au/obsessi…/prod9781787109780.html

Barnes and Noble (USA) - https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/obsession-you-wi…/1128265283…

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