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Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours is Coming 18th July 2018

Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours will be my first ever self-published short story. It will be an eBook only release and it is something I am very, very excited about. The story of Jim first entered my head around a year or so ago. I had watched a documentary about death row and came away from it questioning my belief system and wondering how a civilised society can still use death as a punishment. For the next few weeks, I devoured any and all information I could find on the subject and while still not really having a clue which side of the argument I support I did begin to place a character of mine inside the living hell that is death row.

Jim Prichard the character was originally written into a different short story. It is a story which when finished I wasn’t happy with but the innocence of Jim and the complex nature of his character was something I knew I could use again later. When I decided to write a story based on death row Jim seemed to me the ideal candidate.

There is a line in the short story which declares Jim Prichard fits in death row ‘like an angel fits into the fires of hell’ and it is this description which the entire story revolves around. Jim Prichard is a kind and simple man. He is the sort of guy who makes the best of what life has given him and who is happy as long as his Momma is happy.

Yet it only takes a jury one hour to convict him of one of the most violent and senseless crimes the great state of Texas has ever seen. For every person who believes Jim to be innocent, there are a thousand who believe he is soon going to get what is coming to him.

Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours is my favourite of all the short stories I have ever written. I love the moral complexity of it and I am very, very proud of the response it has received so far. It is because of this that I have decided to choose it as my first self-published short story! I hope you give Jim and his story a chance and that you enjoy it if you do.

Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours is coming on 18th July 2018.

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