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Obsession You Will Always Be Mine The Music Special!

The Music Behind Obsession You Will Always Be Mine.

Hi, have been asked a lot of questions recently about the music contained in Obsession You Will Always Be Mine. To answer them all we have decided to compose a small blog which will hopefully answer any and all questions about the sounds and tunes that influenced me while writing. As a bonus, I will also answer our most asked question ‘How did you come up with the name The Rams and is there a hidden meaning?’ be prepared to be disappointed, the answer is not as exciting as soon seem to think it might be.


Are all the song lyrics and names in the book original?


Well, they are original in the sense that I didn’t lend them from a song or artist. A few are very heavily influenced by the things I love in the real world but none are directly taken from a song. ‘Alone With Everybody’ is mentioned as a song title, this is the title of a Richard Ashcroft album that I really like and I feel it fits with the meaning of the song in the book perfectly. There are a few Leeds United titles scattered around but in general, I am going to say original… but somewhat influenced.


If you had to pick a soundtrack to go with the book which songs would you choose?


Hmmm well, the obvious choice is Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley, I think that fits the tone of the book nicely. I think we should split the book into three parts. There is the start when we are getting to know everybody, this would be the Suspicious Minds section, the middle when everything is starting to fall apart. In my mind I always here a Stereophonics song called ‘Catacomb’ during these parts. As for the ending well that is always a Richard Ashcroft song called ‘She Brings Me The Music’. Reading this back I am happy with these selections.


What music did you listen to while writing the book?


Lots! I always have tunes on while I write, I find it helps me focus. I did have a few go to records for when things got tough and I will list those now. First BE the second album of Beady Eye. It was out around the time I starting writing Obsession so I dare so it got a lot of plays during the early drafts. The second album I am going to list is Graffiti on The Train by The Stereophonics. If you listen to the album while reading the book I think you will understand why. If ever I was writing late at night the odds are I would be playing this album quietly in the background. Third but never finally anything by Elvis. The King always keeps me focused and happy. Any Elvis after 1969 will do.


Is Aaron Taylor your version of Liam Gallagher?


NO! For one thing, I like Liam much more. Aaron is based on every rock star I have ever loved. He has that certain attitude and swagger which divides people and forces you to either love him or hate him. Aaron Taylor shares Liam Gallagher’s twitter style but that aside I really don’t see many similarities.


How did you come up with the name The Rams?


Prepare to be disappointed. I have read three theories so far over this. One guy suggested it was a hint at his fans being ‘sheep like’ and following him no matter what (man I wish this was the real answer), another linked it to a popular (apparently) band from Haiti. I promise you I have never heard of this band and while I don’t doubt their genius they are not the influence behind Aaron and Jay's band. A third theory is that I named them The Rams so I could finally admit my love of Derby County Football Club. Not true, not even close.

No, sadly the answer is more down to my laziness than any real inspiration. In the early drafts of the book, The Rams had the name The Deserts. I don’t know how or why I chose The Deserts but I am really glad that I realised it wasn’t great before we started printing copies. While the origin of The Deserts is a mystery I can remember changing it to The Rams like it was yesterday. I was sitting at my desk at work working on the book during my dinner hour. I had just decided Aaron was going to be called Aaron (he had a few names before then) and decided that if I was going to take this seriously I needed to come up with a better name for his band. For twenty minutes I typed out and then deleted any and every band name I could think of. Nothing stuck. Then, at 13.57, with just three minutes of dinner left my iPod began playing the song ‘The Back Seat of My Car’ by Paul McCartney. Now I love that song but I can never remember which album it is on. Two seconds later I had both checked and found the name of my band.

There you have it The Rams are The Rams because Paul McCartney called one of his solo albums ‘Ram’ and my dinner time was almost up.

Not as fun a story as it could have been, but from now on I will never listen to that album again without smiling and knowing that I owe Sir Paul one.

I will be back on Friday with the second blog in the new series. Thanks for reading and as usual Obsession You Will Always Be Mine is available at the following links!

Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Obsession-You-Will-Always-Mine/dp/178710978X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522429657&sr=8-1&keywords=obsession+you+will+always+be+mine

Amazon eBook – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Obsession-You-Will-Always-Mine-ebook/dp/B07BSPWF6J/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1522429657&sr=8-2&keywords=obsession+you+will+always+be+mine

Austin Macauley – http://www.austinmacauley.com/book/obsession-you-will-always-be-mine

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