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Paul Phillips The Story So Far....

In the build up to the release of Paul's second novel, 'The Devil in Disguise', let's take a few moments to look back at the four books or short stories Paul has published so far.

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Obsession You Will Always Be Mine

What price would you be willing to pay to get the life you always dreamt of?

Aaron Taylor is a rock star in crisis. His band, The Rams, have split up and he is struggling to reach his past glories. Now allegations are being made about his personal life, which could have a devastating effect on his family.

Only Aaron and a few other people know the truth behind the stories, but in the pursuit of a legacy, he has a choice to make...

Kelly Conner, meanwhile, is in love with Aaron. From a distance, she has always believed that one day he would come back to her, but now she is not so sure. Frustrated and angry, her patience is starting to wear thin.

Now the clock is ticking, and time is running out for Aaron.

Paul has also self published three short stories.

Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours

What is justice?

On the surface, Jim Prichard’s impending death looks like justice. As a convicted killer Jim is believed to have committed the worst possible kind of sin and in the great state of Texas revenge is found through the execution chamber.

For sixteen years Jim has sat in his cell and prayed for a miracle, but now as the hands on the clock continue to countdown to his death he is struggling to maintain his faith.

A miracle is needed. The kind of miracle which can stop the clocks and offer Jim one more chance to prove his innocence, but do miracles ever happen for people like the Prichard’s?

What is justice and with time running out does it even matter anymore?

The River

Danny Skelly is homeless.

Years of living on the streets have left Danny worn down and confused. Yet it hasn’t always been like this for Danny. Once a proud doctor with a beautiful wife and loving family Danny seemingly had it all, but not anymore.

Something changed in Danny’s life and now everyday is a battle to understand the world he finds himself living in.

Danny only knows one thing and that is that on October 18th he has to make his way to The River. He doesn’t know why he has to go or what he will find when he gets there but he knows that he will go.

Danny is going down to The River, what will be waiting for him when he gets there? Your guess is as good as his…

A Fall From Grace

Juliet Christy has it all.

A great career, a big house and a functional family. To most people Juliet’s priorities are wrong. Many of Juliet’s friends argue that family should always come first.

Juliet has never agreed but after a night in which her world falls apart Juliet’s mindset is starting to change.

In the blink of an eye, Juliet is going to go from the top of the world to the very bottom.

If you go down to the woods today, you’ll be sure of a big surprise. Juliet certainly gets one. One which results in a gigantic fall from grace.

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