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The Devil In Disguise Official Press Release

The Devil in Disguise Release Date Statement

All of us in team Phillips are excited to announce that this Halloween (31st October 2019) will see the release of Paul's second full-length novel The Devil in Disguise. Building on the success of Paul's debut novel, Obsession You Will Always Be Mine, and three self-published short stories, Jim Prichard The Final 24 Hours, The River and A Fall From Grace, The Devil In Disguise sees Paul delve further into the thriller genre with a fast-paced and emotionally charged offering.

‘I am excited to finally have a release date and I can't wait for people to have the chance to read a book I feel like we have been talking about for a long time' said our author when we had the chance to catch up with him this past weekend. ‘I am incredibly proud of this story and delighted with how it has turned out. Hopefully, it will provide a marker for the style of writing and books I will be releasing in the future'.

Published on 31st October 2019 The Devil in Disguise will be the first full-length novel by Paul to be released exclusively via Amazon. The book will be available as both an eBook and a paperback and we are hoping to provide pricing details and a pre-order link very soon.

Further details of this stand-alone thriller will be provided in due course. To stay up to date with the latest news make sure you are following any of Pauls social media pages which can be found on the links at the bottom of the page.

Whatever people tell you; it is not always better the devil you know and on 31st October 2019, the devil in disguise may well show himself to the world.

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